Reach More Customers In Your Local Area, With Mobile Advertising

On average, 71% of our screen time is spent looking at our phones. Until now, the best technology to reach these people was reserved for the biggest brands with the biggest budgets.

Lo (local ) Mo (mobile) Go is designed for small business owners like you to be seen by new customers in your area.

How it works

The customers you want are on their phone on average for 5 hours and 20 minutes EVERY day! The most effective way to grow your business is to be seen on those devices, with your ad placed onto the websites and apps that your customers use the most.

Mobile advertising, also called geo-targeting, or location-based advertising, works by being able to see what devices are in a specific area at any given moment. Often this location is provided by the phone itself, making it very accurate.

Using the latest in advertising technology, we bid to make sure your ad is seen by these individuals.

With our simple, no-commitment, subscription, your ads will show a minimum of 200,000 a month to any location you specify.

We are built to make this easy. No need to design ads from templates, no complicated forms or questions, and no long term contracts. Simply signup, tell us a little about your goals, and we do the rest.

Finding your audience

Most businesses will give us a list of zipcodes, or even just their address, and then tell us what distance they would like to target people in. However, if you have a more specific need, we have you covered.

TARGET ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Mobiles are found using the device’s own location, and so no technology needs to be installed in your location.

RADIUS TARGETING is the simplest and most common form of geo location based targeting. Start with your location, and specify how far around that point your audience is.

ZIP / CITY / STATE: Choose a zipcode, multiple zipcodes, city, state or country. No additional charge for specifying multiple locations.

POINTS OF INTEREST like airports, stadiums, hospitals, etc, are a great way to identify an audience on the move, or who visit specific locations. Choose many, like all airports in the USA, or one location, like Times Square.

MAILING ADDRESSES: Provide a list of address in an excel sheet or CSV file. These could be your customer’s addresses / CRM file, or addresses of prospects you want to reach.

LIST OF BUSINESSES: If your audience is likely visiting the same sorts of businesses regulary, such as Costco, or Dunkin Donuts, tell us the business names and we will build a list of their locations.

Not sure what targeting will work best for you? No problem! Our team will help you decide when you sign up for

Q: How will help my business?

We find people in your local area, and make sure your ads are seen by them. Being seen regularly ensures that they think of you when making their buying decisions. Mobile advertising is much more effective than local newspapers, sponsorships, , billboards and other forms of local advertising.

Q: How does it work? uses advanced technology that can find mobile devices anywhere in the world, and place ads into the apps and websites that are being viewed. 

Q: Where do my ads show up?

Your ads will show on websites and in apps. We use best practices to ensure the accuracy of the location of each device, and we use the same technology the mega brands use to ensure the ads don’t show on questionable sites.

Q: Do I need to have mobile ads already?

No! And you don’t need to use some complicated template system either.

Our LIVE Ads platform uses some basic elements, such as your logo, a picture / video, a headline & a description, and automatically builds the best ad to for each website or app it will be shown on.

Less time, less effort, better results.

Q: How do I measure my results?

As a Client you will have access to a report that shows how many ads you have shown, and how many clicks your audience made.

It can be a good idea to include a promotion or an offer, or use a unique URL, to further track results.

LIVE Ads: More effective, less hassle!

Getting great looking ads is often the biggest problem with online advertising! You are either asked to pay a fee to have them made, expected to go find your own freelancer, or told to make your own from a template system.

Not only does this take time that you don’t have, these old ways of making ads typically don’t work well.

LIVE Ads eliminates all these problems, and generates better results.

Every single time we show your ad to your audience, our technology creates and optimizes the ad to get you the best possible outcome.

Give us your logo, some images, and some headlines, and our system does the rest. Don’t know what headlines or images you want to use? No probem, we can do that for you too, at no extra cost!

Case Study: Auto Dealer

Our car dealership Client is a sponsor of their local NBA basketball team, and always have their latest vehicles on display, and opportunities for them to win prizes.

During each home game, targeted everyone in the arena and drove more people to their fan zone and to enter their competitions.

Case Study: Residential Care

Residential care homes frequently attract new residents from within 10 miles of their location, and they often use expensive lead generation sites to find those people.

By using geo targeting they were able to make sure their facilities were know by name, and generate new enquiries at a lower cost.

Case Study: Security Company

Our technology Client developed a popular app for storing and managing passwords within companies. was tasked with running campaigns to target San Francisco and local conference centres, to drive awareness  and downloads.

Have questions? Want to meet us?

Join our daily webinar to learn more about location-based targeting, meet our founders, and get all of your questions answered.

We know you’re busy, and so will make sure we cover off the important content within 20 minutes, and then have 10 minutes for Q&A.

Our daily webinar runs at the same time Monday to Sunday.

  • 09:00 Pacific time (LA, SF)
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Big brand experience, small business focus. is made of experts who helped build the internet’s advertising industry. As the creators of advertising techniques still used by companies like Google and Facebook, we have invested in excess of $5 Billion between us, for some of the world’s best-loved brands.

We have taken that experience & technology, and built a service specifically for people like you. By using our own platform we eliminate all the hidden costs, and can offer a service that is as simple as it can be.

Affordable, effective solutions to grow your business.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

Step 1: easy onboarding

Sign up below using our secure payment service, and complete our simple onboarding process.

Step 2: expert setup

Our expert team will set up your campaign in our technology platform, and configure your LIVE ads.

Step 3: be seen!

You’re live! We will monitor and optimize performance and provide reporting. You can request changes any time.

Flat pricing, no hidden fees, cancel anytime.

$500 per month

  • 200,000+ ads shown every month!
  • Target unlimited zip codes
  • Exclusive LIVE Ads included
  • Supply your own images and ad copy, or have our team do it for you
  • Reporting and campaign metrics

Still have a question? Email

This is the bit at the bottom that is usually full of terms you won’t like. That’s not our style. Get started today, cancel any time. Everything is included, and there are no hidden charges ❤️ It’s the way business should be done.

Common Questions

Why choose

Firstly, we offer a fully managed service, meaning you have to do nothing after signing up.

Secondly, We’ve been building advertising technology companies and advertising agencies for over 20 years, working with lots of great brands.

But we are also a team that has started a dozen successful companies, and so we know that any advertising spend has to be effective..

We built specifically to help companies just like you be successful.

How does geo targeting work?

1. A mobile device enters your area

Your area is defined using techniques like radiuses, polygons, zipcodes, etc. Mobiles are tagged in our system.

2. Ads are shown in apps & in the browser

Any device that enters the defined area is tagged, and your ads are shown to those individuals.

Where will my ads run?

We buy ads ‘programmatically’ from premium sources. If you’re not familar with that term it means we use the lastest advertising technology capabilities to win the chance to show an ad to your audience. 

We choose premium publishers you know and love that your audience are spending their time on.

How will my ads be targeted?

Based on location. When you signup you tell us about your business and the area you want to target, and our team will use techniques like radius targeting, specific polygons, zip codes, and address lists, to best accomplish your goal.

How long am I committed to run ads?

You can cancel any time, without penalty 🙂

How will I know my ads are running?

All Clients have access to a report that shows how many ads ran in your area each day, each week, each month.

Additionally, dependent on the size of your area, you will likely be targeted with your own ads.

Do I have to design or make my own ads?

Nope! With our LIVE Ads platform we take some simple elements, including your logo, a headline, and a description, and we build the ads live every single time we show it.

Not only is this approach better for your budget, it also saves your time and money.

How many times will be ads be shown?

In our standard package, we will show your ads at least 200,000 times each month,

We already have ads designed, can we use them?

Absolutely. We can bypass the LIVE Ads platform and use your own ads, any time. You can also update your ads any time too.

Can I add tracking codes to my links / URLs?

You can. We will collect these from you during your onboarding process.

How do you keep me ads away from undesirable sites?

Our technology inludes industry best practice filters to ensure your ads are not shown on undesirable sites.

How many zip codes can I target?

You can choose as many zip codes as you like! If you are targeting large areas though, we may recommend a different type of defining your chosen area.

Is this 'programmatic' ad buying? Is a DSP?

Yes. Given you must be familar with some of the advertising technology work, has built a programmatic platform. We are our own DSP, eliminating many of the technolofy costs others have to pay. Additionally we come from the programmatic ad world, including C-level executives from companies like Rubicon Project (now Motive), Chango, Dstillery, PowerLinks, and more.